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Info about us

GRIF INVALIDOS (Göteborgs Rullstolsidrottsförening) is a sports club for members playing wheelchair floorball. The majority of our members have been playing wheelchair floorball for several years in the team INVALIDOS. We formed our own association in 2007 under the name GRIF INVALIDOS to develop our game and play wheelchair floorball in Gothenburg.

Our association conducts training and competition activities, both on exercise and elite level for children and adults. We train twice a week, and the purpose of our training sessions are anything from exercise players to have fun and get moving together by their own ability and also to conduct training at the elite level of our championship players.  

The photo is from Swiss Wheely Open 2018 wich we won, we went undefeated throughout the tournament.
You can see all of our matches on Youtube from the tournament.


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Kontaktuppgifter till hallen

Billerudsgatan 1-3
T: 031-843926 

IBK Göteborgs kanslist 0760-505920

Vaktmästaren (skoltid)
Pierre Palmquist

T: 031-843926, 0707-610281 



Göteborgs RIF - Parasport
Henrik Ehrlington, Mor Marias Väg 16
43460 Kungsbacka

Tel: +46704620237
E-post: This is a mailto link

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